giraffe puzzy strain review


Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 19% – 20%

giraffe puzzy strain review


giraffe puzzy strain review

giraffe puzzy strain review, has an insane different flavor profile. It begins very harsh and out of control, however at that point it rapidly gets a tempting pleasantness that helps you to remember Z with traces of treats and gritty batter. The Creature Treats backcross articulates itself thoughts on the top end and the exceptionally base finish of the flavor of this saccharine hitter.

Recreational: One puff of this strain could flip your frown upside down right away. Powerful in the two its terps and cannabinoid count, Giraffe Puzzy is the ideal strain for everyday smokers searching for something sweet that could bring some relief. After ripping a few joints, we found ourselves on cloud nine and nearly unconscious. It initially gave us a tantalizing sense of mental alertness, but it quickly turned into a stoned stupor.

giraffe puzzy doja strain review

A medical user might find that Medicinal Giraffe Puzzy is the ideal way to relax at any time of day. If you’re struggling with chronic stress, depression, or even physical pain, its potentially hazy and euphoric vibes might be the best treatment. We endured a single shot and felt actual strain wash away.
When you first hear the name of this strain and see the bag, it immediately draws your attention, and with good reason. These terps immediately widened their eyes, living up to the raucous nature of its name. Not because of the pungent stench, but rather because of the fruity and sour terps that are present and how easily they move around.

giraffe puzzy strain

When we got our hands on a portion of the nugs it was head over heels love. We got a delicious whiff of peppery papaya and the super-sweet Z terps when we smacked one right in the nose. It was like sprinkling dirt and pepper on a glass of fresh grapefruit juice before cracking it open.

For enthusiasts of Z terps, you won’t be frustrated here. What’s more, for those that appreciate traditionally fruity, flower, and GSC-related out of control enhances, this strain makes an incredible showing with once again introducing those equivalent trademarks with a new-school contort. If we have what we need, we could roll up on the high multiple times throughout the day. The high is undeniably blissful. This is that moment stress reliever that sorts you out up on the mists to watch your difficulties cruise by.

giraffe puzzy strain review

We used both a blunt and a joint because the nugs were simple to roll up and break down by hand. It would be an understatement to call the high potent. A business discussion between two big boys immediately regressed into propositions and insights. When you smoke this strain, you can’t help but feel optimistic—almost like you’re floating.

From the name to the pack, to the collab, to the NUGS, Doja nailed it with this one. They added some serious FIRE to an amusing name to support it. Not a many individuals these days can follow through on both and keep up with the expert’s regard. Throughout the course of the year, we will gladly return to purchase additional bags of this sweet-and-sour hitter. This eighth came to us from Cookies in Brentwood.

giraffe puzzy bx1 strain

Giraffe P, otherwise called “Giraffe Pussy,” “Giraffe Puzzy” or “Giraffe P***y,” is a somewhat indica prevailing half breed strain (60% indica/40% sativa) made through crossing the exemplary MILF X Space explorer Pussy strains. Most popular for its astonishing flavor and exciting high, Giraffe P is the ideal decision for any quiet who’s after a sweet help from their everyday stressors except not completely prepared to get to rest right now. With hints of sour citrus and fruity earthiness, this bud has a flavor that is mouthwateringly sweet and sugary like tropical candy. The scent is just as delightful, featuring a bright tropical citrus overtone, a pungent earthiness, a hint of fresh, warming vanilla, and a touch of earthiness.

giraffe puzzy doja strain review

The Giraffe P high will hit you almost immediately after you exhale, slamming into your brain with a lifted sense that leaves you completely blissful while unfocused and hazy. A mitigating body high comes straightaway, crawling into your appendages prior to securing you to the love seat and leaving you completely unfaltering. Giraffe P is frequently referred to as ideal for treating chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, headaches or migraines, and mood swings due to its potent effects and high average THC level of 19-20%. This bud has long, dense, pepper-shaped forest green nugs with bright undertones, thin orange hairs, and tiny crystal trichomes that are golden-amber in color.


Body High, Inventive, Elation, Giggly, Unwinding

May Alleviate

Ongoing Agony, Wretchedness, Cerebral pains, Headaches, Stress


Candy, Citrus, Acrid, Sweet, Sweet, Tropical, Vanilla


Citrus, Natural, Sharp, Harsh, Sweet, Sweet, Tropical
Giraffe P**** is a sassy crossover with a name that is excessively lustful to print. Initially, Pastry shop Hereditary qualities reared MILF and another expressly named strain, Space explorer P**** for a strain that will cause you to feel as high as, indeed, you know. All the more as of late, worldwide weed advertiser Doja Pak has likewise delivered a Giraffe P strain in a joint effort with Seed Crummy Hereditary qualities. The Seed Lousy/Doja Pak Giraffe P hereditary qualities are worked around Z x Creature Mints. Leave a review of Giraffe P**** if you’ve tried it as a vapor, edible, or smoked product.

giraffe puzzy strain doja

The entire time, this first J leaked, as High Regards stated. Terps are more funky Z than tart Z, which I like because it has its own flavor profile. A little changeup is great for the range. Despite everything Giraffe Puzzy. Smoking very much like giraffe puzzy smokes. Doja’s stuff smokes clean and tastes perfect for me. Each brand has its own specialties. I was able to get high from the potency. Although I’m not a knockout, I feel great. I’ll get a greater amount of this at some point. I’m not sure which Giraffe Puzzy I had previously. To be certain, you’ll just have to give #1 and #2 a try.

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