MEXICANA MAGIC TRUFFLES Mexicana Mushroom Truffles is the lightest in our line of truffles and are a great way to start with, if you are curious to obtain the mildest effect. Psilocybe mexicana (Flesh Of The Gods) promises you a feel good euphoric trip and overall happiness and
satisfaction. the visual effect will be shiny.
Contains 20 Grams




The mexicana mushroom and mexicana magic truffles or Mexicana truffles originate in Mexico.

The Enchanted Mushrooms were found in the Oaxaca
area in 1958 by the extraordinary hallucinogenic trailblazer R. Gordon Wasson, and the sclerotia by one more of the Greats, “father of LSD” Albert Hofmann who considered and figured out how to develop them. Appropriate for

PSILOCYBE MEXICANA TRUFFLES: mexicana magic truffle

In 1960, the Mexicana magic mushroom species also provided.

Timothy Leary with the first psychedelic experience of his life, declaring:

In four hours I learned more about the psyche, the cerebrum,

and its designs than I had the option to in the 15 going before years as a bustling therapist.”

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