strawberry banana goo strain


strawberry banana goo strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 22% – 26%


strawberry banana goo strain

strawberry banana goo strain, is a 70/30 indica-predominant marijuana strain created

by DNA Hereditary qualities as a team with Serious Seeds. A hereditary cross between

Crockett’s Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” aggregate of Air pocket Gum,

Strawberry Banana acquires a sweet fruity flavor that procured this half breed her

name. Known for its weighty gum creation and high THC content, Strawberry Banana

produces cheerful, tranquil impacts that hone imagination and tangible mindfulness.

Strawberry Banana is an indica prevailing mixture (70% indica/30% sativa) strain

made by raisers at the scandalous Serious Seeds ranches as strong cross between the

well known Strawberry Bubblegum X Crocket’s Banana Kush strains. This wet bud

flaunts a typical THC level going from 22-26% and a heap of shockingly even indica

and sativa impacts.

strawberry banana strain

Users describe the Strawberry Banana high as a mild head buzz followed by an

intense euphoric and elevated cerebral head high that leaves them relaxed and

focused. This is joined by full-body help and a warming body buzz that leaves you

marginally quieted and sofa locked with a moderate instance of the munchies.

Strawberry Banana is an excellent strain for treating patients with conditions like

chronic pain, stress, depression, and decreased appetite due to its potent effects. The

flavor of Strawberry Banana is tropical strawberry with a sweet banana aftertaste,

making it memorable. Sweet Banana buds have larger than average soft popcorn-

formed brilliant neon green nugs that are splashed with long and twisty dull orange

hairs. These nugs are covered in a thick layer of tremendous precious stone white

trichomes and sweet tacky sap.

strawberry banana strain effects

Happiness, Blissful, Unwinding, Drowsy

May Assuage

Joint inflammation, Persistent Torment, Crohn’s Infection, Sorrow, Exhaustion, A

sleeping disorder, Loss of Hunger, PTSD, Stress


Berry, Strawberry, Sweet, Tropical


Hearty, Strawberry, Sweet

Strawberry Banana seems like the ideal, scrumptious treat. In any case, it is likewise an

extraordinary weed strain with strong torment easing impacts. Clients likewise

partake in its capacity to diminish burdensome side effects and lessen tension. It

contains 25% THC, a level at which novice users may need to exercise caution. The

people who utilize this strain promote its delectable strawberry and banana notes as

well as sweet, warm natural clues.

The Strawberry Banana strain’s name alone is enough to conjure up images of huge,

juicy, and fruity buds. It is easy to see why this particular strain has become a firm

favorite on the West Coast.

strawberry banana cake strain

It combines some of the most potent THC levels available with a rare combination of

fruity flavors and aromas. It gives a smooth and nice high, joined with an essentially

delectable taste.

You’ve found the right place if you want to learn more about the Strawberry Banana

strain. Peruse on as we separate this bud for you.

What Is the Strain of Strawberry Banana?

Strawberry Banana weed is a lovechild of two incredible marijuana half breeds, Air

pocket Gum and Banana Kush. It was created by the DNA Genetics team with

assistance from Serious Seeds.

More specifically, it is a cross between Crockett’s Banana Kush and Serious Seeds’

Bubble Gum’s strawberry phenotype.

Ideally, that sounds as delightful to you as it does to me. It certainly seems exciting to

combine two funky, fruity strains into one.

It is an indica with high THC levels and typically produces a lot of resin.

It gives you a generally mellow high that will make you smile and laugh. Strawberry

Banana can also stimulate your senses and spark creativity.

However, once the initial effects have subsided, you should make sure your bed or

sofa is close by.

strawberry banana goo strain

Continue reading to learn more about the well-known flavor and aroma of Strawberry

Banana if this sounds appealing.

Aroma of Strawberry Banana Strain Given its name, Strawberry Banana marijuana

should have a wonderful fruity aroma. Kid, does it follow through on this count! It

also has a tropical odor with a hint of earthiness to it that fills the airways.

It is significantly more banana than strawberry in aroma, however the berry is still there.

strawberry banana weed strain

When you grind the buds, you discharge the natural hint all the more completely,

radiating a hashy, hot smell.

Be advised; It does not lend itself to covert consumption because it is a real stinker.

On the other side, haul some out at a party and the smell alone will stop people in

their tracks. I’d cherish a vehicle purifier with this executioner fragrance! It is heavenly.

So now that we know how good it smells, how does it taste? Is it as delectable as it

odors? We should figure it out.

Flavor of the Strawberry Banana Strain One of the delights of the Strawberry Banana

is without a doubt the flavor. The strain’s name, Strawberry Banana, puts pressure on

its flavor to deliver, and it does.

strawberry banana strain indica or sativa

It initially has a strong, sweet tropical strawberry flavor that goes well with the aroma.

Upon the breathe out, the banana seasons truly become unmistakable. One of the

best things about this strain is not only its scent but also its amazing fruity flavor. a

fruity delight that will make you think of your favorite smoothie.

Strikingly dazzling green buds portray the presence of Strawberry Banana Strain.

Interest comes from slight shades of purple and white all through the buds, with

orange pistils confounding over the plant.

The plant has a layer of white trichomes that add to the visual allure and record for

the high THC.

Strawberry Banana seems to be something you would get assuming that you

requested that somebody draw the stickiest, stinkiest weed around, in the most ideal


If you want to grow your own, what about that? What are your requirements? Don’t

worry; we have everything you need for the next step.

strawberry banana kush strain

Information About Growing Strawberry Banana Strain Many businesses are selling

Strawberry Banana Strain seeds online, making them easily accessible. As consistently

while purchasing weed seeds, you ought to make certain to buy just from respectable


Obtaining a clipping from a mature and healthy Strawberry Banana strain plant is

another option. You could cultivate a genetic “clone” of a successful plant using this


Because it is a sturdy, tenacious plant, Strawberry Banana is easy to grow for

beginners. It grows well indoors and outdoors and does well in any environment.

Temperatures around 70°F and daytime humidity are ideal for outdoor growing.

By presenting the plant to cold temperatures around evening time, you can “shock”

the plant, drawing out the charming purple of the leaves pleasantly. If you decide to

try this, it’s best to grow indoors, where you can better control the environment.

Strawberry Banana is a good option if you have growing restrictions because it only

grows to a medium height.

strawberry banana og strain

Inside, it doesn’t take too lengthy to commonly even consider maturing, blooming

between 9-10 weeks. The plant will produce a substantial yield of between 1.2 and

1.8 ounces (42g and 51g) per square foot if properly fed.

If grown in ideal conditions outdoors, Strawberry Banana can be harvested in the

early to middle of October. The all out open air yield can go up to an exceptional 23

ounces for every plant, some of the time considerably more.

Whenever you have gathered your buds, it is ideal to fix them to hold their significant

tar. The buds should be hung upside down for a week at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and

50 percent humidity.

They will be able to dry using this method. After this, seal the buds in impermeable

containers with states of 70°F and 60-65% mugginess.

Assuming you follow the entirety of the abovementioned and collect your blossoms

accurately, what sort of THC and CBD content could you at any point anticipate? Find

out in the following sections.

THC Content of the Strawberry Banana Strain

With regards to THC content, Strawberry Banana weed rates up there with the

absolute most elite. The strain frequently has a THC content of around 25%, which

makes it particularly potent and on the high end of the spectrum.

However, the strain can improve. In 2018, Strawberry Banana cannabis was the

subject of a laboratory test by Green Leaf Labs. The strain they examined had a total

THC content of 32.61 percent, which is frankly absurd.

That particular batch of Strawberry Banana is one of the most potent strains available

because strains with a higher than 30% THC content are uncommon.

Please be aware that this strain may not be appropriate for novice marijuana users

due to its high THC content. Strawberry Banana should only be attempted by

seasoned marijuana users or novices who are certain of their tolerance to THC.

How does its CBD content compare? Is it as high in CBD all things considered for THC?

The Strawberry Banana Strain’s CBD Content Despite its potent THC content,

Strawberry Banana’s CBD ratings are below average. When tried, the most

noteworthy recorded CBD content is just 0.76%.

That is likewise the most noteworthy recorded CBD content. Strawberry Banana

frequently performs CBD tests that are even lower than this.

Because of these levels, consuming Strawberry Banana would have little effect on you

that is related to CBD. If you’re looking for a CBD-heavy strain, you should look


Now that we know about its THC and CBD content, we can ask: Does Strawberry

Banana have any medical benefits?

Next, we go into detail.

Medical Benefits of the Strawberry Banana Strain The Strawberry Banana strain is high

in THC but low in CBD. This indicates that marijuana’s psychoactive effects will be the

primary focus of any potential medical benefits.

Users typically experience happiness and euphoria after taking Strawberry Banana.

The potent relaxation it can produce is one of its main advantages. Along these lines,

it could have likely advantages for those experiencing sadness, uneasiness, and

especially stress.

If you’re feeling a little lower than usual and need a little pick me up, it might be


Helping those who struggle with sleep deprivation would be an additional

application. It is normal for Strawberry Banana to cause clients to feel sleepy after the

underlying ‘high’ wears off.

These impacts mean it might assist you with getting to rest. However, there are

additional strains that may be able to assist in more effectively combating insomnia if

it is a problem.

strawberry banana pudding strain

It is also frequently said to increase creativity, sharpen senses, and

improve focus. This impact will in general be welcomed on by the

tranquil quieting impact and a general feeling of satisfaction brought

about by the strain. As a result, those with attention deficit hyperactivity

disorder might also benefit from it.

For those searching for assist with a more actual infirmity, Strawberry

Banana wouldn’t be the best strain. A strain with a higher CBD content

is ideal for dealing with these issues.

However, that does not mean that Strawberry Banana would not be of

any assistance. Strawberry Banana appears to have helped some people

with chronic pain. It has been reported that it also aids headache


strawberry and banana strain

Please be aware that no one can be sure how any strain will affect them

all. This applies to any treatment as well; Unfortunately, there is never a

100% guarantee that it will work.

Because everyone’s body is made slightly differently, the strain may

have different effects on everyone. It might have helped someone else

with the same issue as you, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

However, it can’t all be positive. There should be a few potential

incidental effects? Next, we investigate that.

Possible Side Effects of the Strawberry Banana Strain The Strawberry

Banana strain’s potential side effects are comparable to those of the

majority of marijuana strains. It can prompt dry mouth and dry eyes.

strawberry banana cookies strain

Users should be aware that it can also cause drowsiness, as was

mentioned earlier. For instance, driving or operating heavy machinery

would be inappropriate after consumption.

The best opportunity to utilize Strawberry Banana would be around

evening time when you have nothing pressing to do.

Similarly as with any medication, there are likewise potential aftereffects

related with overconsumption. Feelings like dizziness, anxiety, and

paranoia are all possible, especially if you already struggle with these

symptoms. You ought to note, in any case, that Strawberry Banana

clients rate sensibly low for these.

Overall, the Strawberry Banana strain is deserving of the attention it has

received recently. It is an excellent cannabis strain that has exceptional

effects and a rare combination of killer flavors.

For beginner and master producers the same, a brilliant decision offers

an incredible return. A high yield is almost certain if you treat it


strawberry banana cream strain

It is well-known for its high THC levels, which in the best possible way

give it the typical “stoner” high. It will furnish you with a general

sensation of laid back bliss. Because of this, it may be beneficial for a

variety of conditions, including stress and insomnia as well as


Because of all of this, it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a long,

hard day.

It probably isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for relief from a

physical condition because of its low CBD content.

The potential side effects are those that are usually associated with

marijuana in general, but most of them can be avoided by only using

marijuana in moderation.

strawberry banana gelato strain

Overall, a fruity strain that deserves to be ranked among the best

bananas! Strawberry Banana sneaks up suddenly in pretty much every

classification you can name!

Strawberry Banana, otherwise called “Strawnana” for short, is an indica

pot strain created by DNA Hereditary qualities as a team with Serious

Seeds. Strawberry Banana was given its name because it was a genetic

cross between Crockett’s Banana Kush and Bubble Gum’s “Strawberry”

phenotype, giving it a sweet, fruity flavor. Strawberry Banana is known

for producing a lot of resin and having a lot of THC. It has happy,

peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory awareness.

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