testarossa strain


Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 20%

testarossa strain

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testarossa strain

testarossa strain, is a marginally indica predominant half and half strain (60%

indica/40% sativa) made through crossing the flavorful Zkittlez X Perfect work of art

strains. Testarossa is the ideal bud for indica lovers due to its extremely potent and

extremely sedating high. The Testarossa high begins with a cerebral boost almost

immediately followed by a flood of creativity and euphoria. As your mind expands

and you reach a state of pure happiness and ease, your senses will slightly sharpen.

As your psyche initiates, your body will start to disappear into a profoundly loosening

up actual high that leaves you feeling completely love seat locked and steadfast

before you at last float away into a long and tranquil rest.

testarossa strain

In mix with its really high 17-19% typical THC level, these impacts make Testarossa

ideal for treating conditions like sleep deprivation, sorrow, constant pressure or

tension, ongoing torment and queasiness or hunger misfortune.

When exhale, this

bud has a punch of sour citrus and grape, in addition to its traditional flowery and

sweet lavender flavor. The scent is gassy and sweet, with a hint of lavender and sour

oranges. Testarossa buds are covered in trichomes made of chunky golden amber

crystals and have dense grape-shaped minty green nugs covered in orange hairs.

Effects testarossa strain

on the body High, Creative, Calming, Sleepy, Uplifting May Reduce Anxiety,

Depression, Chronic Pain, Nausea, and Stress Flavors Citrus, Fruity, Lavender, Sour,

Sweet Aromas of Citrus, Grape, Orange, and Sour

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