triangle mint strain


triangle mint strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 28%


triangle mint strain

triangle mint strain, otherwise called “Octagon Kush,” is a sativa prevailing half and

half strain made through crossing the notorious Triangle Kush X Creature Mints

strains. Albeit most popular for its scrumptiously habit-forming flavor, Triangle Mints

is additionally well known for its absolutely stunning appearance. Triangle Mints buds

have really weighty and cold long minty green nugs that are totally covered in

lengthy twisty light golden hairs.

triangle mints strain

As you pull separated every little piece, new fragrances of sharp mint and sweet

spices are delivered, with an intense fuel impact that shows up as the nugs are

scorched. The flavor is somewhat more on the milder side, with a rich natural

suggestion and zesty mint as you breathe out. The Triangle Mints high sneaks up

suddenly of impacts thanks to its really high 29-31% typical THC level.

triangle mint strain

The beginning is practically prompt, implanting with blissful elation and centered

energy. You’ll feel a profound actual unwinding that goes with this head high, leaving

you secured to the world underneath as your brain takes off higher than ever. With

these impacts, Triangle Mints is supposed to be ideal for treating conditions, for

example, ongoing pressure or uneasiness, temperament swings, misery, and constant

agony and spasms.

triangle mints strain effects

Happiness, Concentration, Unwinding, Elevating

May Assuage

Nervousness, Persistent Agony, Sadness, Stress


Home grown, Menthol, Sweet


Wet, Hearty, Fuel, Natural, Sweet

Triangle Mints Strain Hereditary qualities

Triangle Mints weed strain is a 70/30 Sativa-predominant half breed of Creature

Mints and Triangle Kush. This can be an extraordinary wake and heat strain as it will

achieve an empowered concentration. The high will hit rapidly and keeping in mind

that you have energy your whole body will be loose.

triangle mints strain indica or sativa

Triangle Mints, on the other hand alluded to as “Triangle Kush Mints” or “TKM,” or

“Octogon Kush” is a half breed marijuana strain that is delivered from the intersection

of Triangle Kush with Creature Mints.

Triangle Mints is normally recognized as an indica-prevailing crossover, albeit the

exact proportion of indica to sativa may contrast relying upon the particular

aggregate and rearing. As per most of buyers and cultivators, it is generally seen that

the impacts of this strain will more often than not show qualities related with indica


triangle mints weed strain

Triangle Kush is a strain that was reproduced in Florida and flourishes under warm

damp circumstances. THC levels drift around 20% for this Indica-predominant


Creature Mints will get you staggeringly high with a THC content of up to 32 percent.

This Sativa-domiinant crossover will give the shopper energy while permitting their

body to unwind. Expect a menthol flavor that is so interesting to various weed


Triangle Mints Strain Yield

Triangle Mints can be developed inside or outside. The yield isn’t extremely high

however this strain more than compensates for this with its power.

Outside you can anticipate that 1 should 2 ounces for every square foot or around

400 grams. Inside a producer can expect 0.5 to 1 ounce for each square foot.

Yield won’t be monstrous with Triangle Mints however this can be an incredible

expansion to your medication bureau. Ensure that you put resources into quality

seeds as well as soil and supplements. Strains vary in simplicity of development with

this being one of the least demanding other than autoflowering strains.

triangle.mints strain

The development of Triangle Mints can possibly give a significant result, especially

when filled in ideal ecological conditions. In any case, the real yields might contrast

relying upon different factors like the particular developing circumstances,

supplement accessibility, and the degree of care regulated.

Triangle Mints Strain Blossoming Time

The blossoming time of Triangle Mints endures 8 to 10 weeks. Outside develops

ought to be prepared to gather sooner or later in October while indoor develops can

be reaped whenever of the year. The strain can possibly show a thick development

design, hence requiring customary pruning to improve light infiltration and wind

current across the whole plant.

At the point when Triangle Mints are exposed to proper consideration and support,

they can possibly yield minimized and resinous buds that are bountiful in trichomes.

THC Level Of The Triangle Mints Strain

The THC content of Triangle Mints comes in at a monstrous 28-32 percent. Amateurs

shouldn’t attempt this strain as it will be overpowering for even prepared pot

purchasers. This content is pretty much as high as certain concentrates like hash

which isn’t anything to laugh at.

There are sure develops of this strain that arrive at north of 30% which makes it one

of the most grounded in all of weed. Other big shots incorporate Gorilla Paste #4 and


Flavor And Smell Of Triangle Mints Weed Strain

The kind of Triangle Mints is of menthol and a sprinkle of pleasantness. The smell is

damp and natural. The terpene profile of Triangle Mints is involved Humulene,

Pinene, and Limonene.

Triangle Mints can assist with the accompanying ailments:



Persistent Agony

Mind-set Swings


Triangle Mints Strain Cost

Triangle Mints Strain cost on normal is $10-$15 per gram, $45-55 for every 1/eighth

oz, $90-$110 per 1/4 ounce, and $190-$210 per 1/2 ounce.


Elation is a distinguishable condition of raised state of mind that becomes evident

soon after ingestion.

Relaxation: Predictable with its indica-predominant qualities, this strain normally

instigates a profound feeling of unwinding, delivering it fitting for night use or

loosening up purposes.

Mental Clearness: In spite of the pervasiveness of indica qualities, certain people have

revealed encountering a condition of mental clarity and focus during the beginning

stages of utilization.

triangle mints strain review

Craving might possibly invigorate a singular’s hunger, bringing about an expanded

longing for food, at times alluded to as the peculiarity of “munchies”.

Sedation: At the point when utilized in more noteworthy sums, it could give narcotic

impacts that advance rest.

The experience of clients will incorporate a blend of smells described by gritty, piney,

and sweet minty undercurrents. Certain genotypes may likewise show unobtrusive

attributes suggestive of citrus or flavors.


The procurement of Triangle Mints seeds might possibly be worked with by an

assortment of seed banks or raisers. Obtaining seeds from reliable providers is basic

to ensure their legitimacy and quality.

Triangle Mints Strain

Triangle Mints is exceptionally respected for its capacity to give an amicable mix of

impacts, enveloping the mental excitement regularly connected with sativa strains

and the profound unwinding generally found in indica strains.

Triangle Mints has a particular mix of impacts that takes care of both sporting clients

looking for an adaptable high and restorative clients looking for help from specific

illnesses. It is prescribed to begin with a moderate dose to evaluate individual

resilience and discover the impacts.

Is Triangle Mints indica or sativa?

Triangle Mints weed strain is a 70/30 Sativa-predominant half breed of Creature

Mints and Triangle Kush.

Triangle Mints was made when Seed Inferior Hereditary qualities crossed Triangle

Kush with Creature Mints. Triangle Mints is half Indica and half Sativa. GSC hereditary

qualities give this sativa-predominant strain thick buds and a mind boggling smell

that incorporates natural, zest, and hearty flavors with diesel undercurrents, and the

GSC and OG Kush impacts are clear in this strain. The high sneaks up all of a sudden

that might leave you drooped on the love seat assuming you consume excessively.

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